Camping Tips for Beginners: 7 Tips for First Time Camping


Camping is an excellent way of exploring nature and the outdoor environment. Camping helps every individual get some fresh air and gets time spent with the family members.

The following camping tips for beginners will help people who are just planning for camping and are willing to do a lot of hard work outdoors.

We all know that simply sitting in the house doesn’t help to free up our inner selves. And we get less chance to spend time playing and enjoying with family members.

So I feel camping is an activity that will help bring out joy and happiness from all other tips.

To do every activity and enjoy its outcomes, we should need to be pre-prepared with some knowledge and prerequisites, which involves proper planning and hard work.

This is the big challenge that the new beginners face while starting for camping.

It seems a simple task to plan and go camping for beginners, so I have created a set of camping tips and tricks for beginners in this article.

Some of the following camping hacks and camping tips for beginners will also help experienced campers and beginners explore more than their knowledge. 

So let’s get into the list of best camping tips for beginners and implement these tips and tricks in your upcoming camping schedules.

Camping Tips for Beginners:

#1: Create a Checklist:  

Creating a checklist for every activity we do helps maintain an updated list of things and actions required.

Camping for beginners checklist helps to list everything required to carry and prepare in advance activities.

Checklist avoids leaving out the essential items on the campsite and makes it even easy for beginners like you to maintain things properly while camping.

This checklist can be prepared in advance, keeping in mind the Camping essentials for beginners, and adding essential items when they come to mind.

The checklist items that you need to include while camping is:

  • Tent 
  • Blankets
  • Camping stove
  • Camping heater
  • Cooler
  • Compass
  • Comfy pillow
  • Flashlight
  • Food items list
  • First aid kit
  • Firestarter
  • Garbage bags
  • Gaffer tape
  • Ground mat
  • Lantern
  • Pocket knife
  • Portable charger
  • Rain jacket
  • Sleeping bag
  • Snacks list.

#2: Consider Weather Forecasting: 

Perfect weather conditions are very much essential for better outdoor camping. So keep in mind that checking the weather is the main camping tips for beginners.

Each day in camping is very productive in fair weather conditions for first time camping ideas.

Also, checking the weather forecast will give you a better understanding of what to prepare for the camping checklist and food items as camping for beginners.

After your extraordinary efforts to plan the whole camping lousy weather is a wrong signal, weather plays a vital role in this camping journey.

#3: Select a Perfect Campsite:

Selecting a suitable campsite is as essential as choosing a perfect tent because everything related to place, surrounding, depends upon the nature of your set camp.

Most of the campsites by default allocate a separate space for camping people. If it is not for your first camping trip, choose the right location to pitch your tent.

camping tips for beginners
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For every campsite, there are certain types of rules and regulations that you need to follow for the other campers’ comfort and safety. 

BONUS: For a better understanding of these campsite rules, read this

As these are camping tips for beginners, it is always advisable to select a nearby camping site from your hometown as it is more comfortable to reach out for left out things.

It would help if you explored more camping sites rather than going again and again for your favourite places.

So choose the best camping site according to your requirement and facilities that you require. As a beginner, try out different options for more exposure to the camping site surroundings.

#4: Outdoor Gear Tips – Camping Tips for Beginners: 

A happy camper is the one who enjoys every minute of his or her camping time. And this time should not get disturbed by fumbling things with the gear that you carry.

outdoor gear - camping tips for beginners
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So you should try every gear at home before you take them camping.

If it is a newly bought gear, you should try at least once at home before the actual camping day.

Practice camping tips for beginners and activities like lighting a stove, lanterns, setting up a tent, checking the sleeping bag’s comfort, and its condition.

Get familiar with all these types of essential activities so that you have a smooth camping outdoor experience.

And during all these trails checking at your home before the camping day makes sure that your gear fits comfortably in the tent you bought for camping.

It would help if you considered the following camping tips for beginners for your “gear”:

a. Purchasing Your Tent: 

Purchasing the right tent for camping is an essential step as it decides the space for yourself and for placing gear at a comfortable room.

Tents can be of different shapes and sizes, and you need to choose a tent with double the size of the number of people going camping.

Then all your gears will fit incorrectly, and you will have enough space for sleeping. For more details about buying a perfect tent, follow this guide.

b. Purchasing Sleeping Bags: 

Similarly choosing the best sleeping bag is also an essential task for camping. And it is always advisable to carry a sleeping bag with the gear as the temperatures may vary.

Pay attention to the temperature levels of the camping area while deciding the perfect sleeping bags.

c. Lighting Tips: 

For camping, trip lighting is necessary after it gets dark, so choose a hand-held torch or a headlight. Place these light sources at a convenient place inside your camp.

d. Plan for Backup Charger: 

Carrying a portable backup charger is always needed for charging your electronic devices like mobiles so that you don’t get irritated due to low charge.

Having your portable charger is always an additional advantage over electric pitches that are available at many campsites.

e. Pack Tables and Chairs: 

Tables and chairs bring a home-like feeling and are more useful for enjoying meals and tea times with your family members.

And these are some basic furniture when we people camp in our favourite camping sites near our own home.

Other camping gears you need to get familiar at home are getting pocket knives, plastic/garbage bags, burner stoves, umbrellas, and wet wipes.

#5: Camping Food and Cooking Tips – Camping Tips for Beginners: 

I have created a list of cooking and food camping tips for beginners. Those are as follows:

camping food - camping tips for beginners
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a. Preparing a Meal in Advance: 

Planning your meals before you go camping is the best idea to save a lot of time. Cooking procedure in the camping area becomes comfortable with this preparation. 

Setup suitable burners or stoves and ingredients according to the plans and enjoy the meals at correct timings.

You can also prepare some food items before you leave for camping like chopping vegetables, pre-mixing cake items to save a lot of time while cooking on the campsite.

b. Snacks: 

easy to grab snacks are always the best option for a quick bite when you are hungry and saves much time waiting for the food to get prepared.

So pack a sufficient amount of snack items along with cooking essentials while camping.

c. Water Container: 

while camping water is essential to fill our thirsty stomachs, so it is the best option to carry a large water container which serves our water bottles in need.

And these water can also be used for cleaning and cooking purposes, and this tip reduces the number of times to walk for bringing water from other places or shops.

d. Reusable Water Bottles: 

For drinking water, carrying bottles with each person you are camping with is advised and using reusable bottles is the best option. 

Stainless steel water bottles also work well for carrying hot or cold water while you go out for the day.

e. Camping Two-burner Stove: 

I highly suggest everyone carry a two-burner stove for any camping. You can prepare meals in simple ways and with less stress. And test your camping stove always before going camping.

And if possible, consider some local places to eat sufficient food when it is bad weather to cook, or you don’t feel like cooking at that time.

#6: Camping Tent Tips: 

a. Choosing the Right Tent:  

As we discussed in the above section of buying the right tent, choose a tent with an extra two times space for the people to store your camping gear and other equipment. 

camping tent - camping tips for beginners
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The sleeping conditions should be more feasible for you to move and fit appropriately inside the tent. This tip is applicable for all types of camping ideas, and you can use a “camping tent guide” to select the suitable right tent.

b. Setting Up a Tent Footprint: 

Pitching your tent on a pre-prepared footprint (or) tarp is a big help for you to keep the tent dry. And this footprint acts as a medium barrier between you and the ground. 

Setting up a tent in a good pitching position uses pegs with the help of mallets to place inside the ground.

c. Test the Tent Set up: 

it is always the best option to prepare a trial set up of the whole tent set up at your own house before going camping. It will show some misalignments and corrections that need to be done.

Then it becomes easy for you to set up this actual tent at the camping site before everyone.

d. Tent Waterproofing: 

waterproofing is an essential task for maintaining the safety of the tent. A can of silicone sealant can quickly do this.

And cover the tent from top to bottom at the time of its buying. This task saves the tent getting leaked during the day and night conditions. This sealant protects from UV light also, so as a beginner, use this tent waterproofing tip.

e. Dry the Tent Before Packing: 

When camping gets over, and you are ready to pack things, make sure you dry out the tent before placing it into its bag. 

The camping day tent may grab some moisture from the atmosphere or some rain on a rainy day which gets stuck to the tent surface and causes problems like smelling and mould growth on the inner surfaces.

#7. Sleeping Tips: 

a. Good Sleeping Bag: 

Comfy, comfy, comfy. Buying a suitable sleeping bag is as essential as selecting gear for camping. The sleeping bag should be a decent one and identical for whole members of the family. 

It would help if you didn’t compromise buying a quality sleeping bag because it is responsible for getting adequate sleep at night.

This sleeping bag acts as an insulation to protect from cold and hot environments, and it is always best to invest money for a comfortable, light-weight and long-lasting bag.

b. Ground Mat & Extra Blankets: 

Along with sleeping bags, you need to consider taking suitable ground mat and extra blankets because these are the gears you are sleeping and taking insulation from heat and cold.

The ground mat prevents loss of our body heat to the ground, and extra blankets act as additional insulation gear for camping members. Choose these two by following specific camping guides.

c. Comfy Pillow: 

Along with the above sleeping gear pillow, it is used mainly for more comfort while sleeping and rest momentarily.

It is your choice to consider a pillow in your gear or not. It just takes some extra space if you are on low backpacking. Otherwise, it is more beneficial in terms of sleeping comfort.

d. Packing Water Bottles (Hot or Cold): 

This tip is also an essential addition for camping tips for beginners as water is the desired component of your camping journey.

If you are camping in cold weather, setting up a hot water bottle in your sleeping bag is a great option to stay warm while sleeping. Maintaining a suitable temperature is also more essential while sleeping; otherwise, it causes sweating distractions.

e. Pack a Camping Heater: 

Camping tent heaters are also as important as all the remaining sleeping accessories. The addition of this heater may increase the gear list, but it is highly recommended to control the temperature inside the tent.

These modern tent heating equipment works very well in cold weather and keeps you and your family in a comfortable environment for camping.

Wrapping Things Up:

These camping tips for beginners will help campers make their first camping trip memorable and a successful one. I think the above tips cover all sorts of departments and implement these tips for a better beginner outdoor camping. 

Enjoy nature and spread joy for yourself and your family members. As you have made it to the end, comment additional camping tips for beginners of your thoughts to improve this post.

Happy camping.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the main essentials for beginners in camping?

1. Requirements for beginners in camping are:
2. Camping tent
3. Sleeping bag, blankets, and pillows
4. Sleeping mattress
5. Cooking equipment
6. Knife
7. Lamps for lighting
8. Water containers and bottles
9. Tables and chairs   
10. Backup charger 
11. First aid kit   

What skill do I need as a beginner in camping?

The following are the required camping skills for beginners:
1. Tent preparation
2. Packing
3. Knotting
4. Cooking
5. Basic first aid skills

What is the best time to go camping?

Out of all seasons and timings, summertime is the best time to go camping even for beginners. Because in summer the weather is suitably warm and dry and it is excellent it gets crowded in many temperature suitable camping sites.

What are the benefits of camping for beginners?

Camping allows you and your family members to get attached to nature, helps to get fresh air, decreases stress and improves mood. Especially for beginners, they can acquire new experiences exploring different places and spending holidays with their loved ones.

How to get started with camping?

As a beginner in camping, you need to learn some basics like pitching up a tent, bare gear essentials, create a checklist and pre-plan most of the things to get started with camping. Follow these first time camping tips for a better camping experience.

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