How to Heat a Camper Without Electricity ( 4 Best Methods)


We live in the age of rapid technological growth, and many advancements are happening day by day. Electricity has become an essential element of our day to day life. How to heat a camper without electricity and maintain the required temperature inside the boondocking or dry camping areas?

I will show you the best possible methods in this post. You can quickly heat a camper without electricity and achieve required living and sleeping temperatures inside the camp tents and RV vehicles.

We go camping to escape the digital bustle and hustle of our daily lives. And it is always challenging to be comfortable where there is no electricity, and other resources are less even very limited to use. 

But we will see how to make things work for us even without having an electrical source.

Why do you need to heat a camping space?

Every camping space requires some form of heat to stay warm in the winter season and where the wind flows with cold temperatures. 

And if you are camping in the backcountry and don’t have access to the excellent campground you need to face temperature difficulties inside the camping tents and vehicles.

So you need to look out for heating sources or alternatives for electrical sources to generate warm temperatures in camping space. 

It will help you and your family to stay warm all the time and especially on sleeping nights.

Is it possible to get heat without using electricity?

Yes, it is possible to heat a camper without electricity, and you can get enough temperature levels by using these alternative sources other than electricity.

It would help if you carried the following equipment with your camping gear and follow the procedures mentioned in the following methods to get sufficient heat inside your camper.

Methods on how to heat a camper without electricity:

The following methods do not require any type of electrical source help many campers to solve their temperature problems.  

In most emergencies, these methods help people live without electricity and sleep according to the warm surrounding temperatures.

Campers who mostly prefer boondocking and dry camping choose these types of best methods to heat a camper without electricity to stay warm on winter nights.

I picked best and easy methods to heat your van or camping locations without using any electrical sources. They are:

  1. Using different types of heaters.
  2. Trapping heat inside the camper.
  3. Use warm bedding.
  4. Using your own vehicle’s heat.

Method #1: Using different heaters: 

External portable heaters are always the first choice for the alternative for electrical equipment. They have the efficiency to supply warm temperatures within the closed environment.

I have listed down the best heating equipment that we can use to make our campers heat without electricity: 

a. solar Heaters:

Solar energy is a great source to collect heat and use it for many heating with no electricity purposes. Most of the recreational vehicles(RVs) install solar panels along with their batteries.

If you are into boondocking and dry camping in your favourite locations, then these solar panels will be more useful to light up appliances in the car and other power equipment.

Solar energy is a free and natural resource which is reliable in most sunny days and even works for storing power than inverters and batteries.

Not only for power supply, but you can also make use of this solar energy by solar-powered heaters to boil water and to cook food.

So purchasing a solar-powered heater is an excellent option for campers which has an excellent heat-absorbing solar panel. 

Even in winter seasons, you can get unlimited power with limited solar panels and absorbing heat capacities. Solar-powered heaters do not require other types of power sources to work.

But in heavy snow winter seasons, it is always advisable to maintain a backup power source without entirely relying upon these solar-powered heaters.

b. Hydronic Heating Systems:

The hydronic heating system uses heated water or steam to supply heat through the camping location. The most common system used in this heater attains a maximum water temperature of 200°F (93°C).

This hydronic heating system replaces RV propane furnace arrangement with the help of a heated boiler. This heated boiler works with diesel fuel.

The fuel gets burnt, and the container’s water gets heated up, and this heated water used for hot water showering or cleaning purposes. 

This heating system solves your problem of how to heat a camper without electricity. And it is getting popular for its increasing choice by RV, boondocking, and dry campers.

This heating system is a little bit costly and can take up some space for your camping equipment but serves as the best alternative to electricity to provide heat.

These hydronic heating systems get used for multiple heating zones, and when there is any temperature drop occurs, the whole system gets activated and supplies heat to required places.

If you have a new RV van and plan to set up a heating system, this hydronic heating system is an excellent option for you.

c. Propane Radiant Heaters:

Propane radiant heaters are most commonly used backup heat sources for RVs. These heaters are very easy to use, install and operate and come with lower prices.

How to heat a camper without electricity - propane heater
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